Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, September 29, 2014

Heritage Day!

The last post of September, I can't even believe it.  Time is flying!  This week was great and I got lots of pictures, just for you guys.  First, on Wednesday we celebrated Heritage day at the Chapel.  It was a lot of fun to see all the different traditional clothing and food.  Most of what you see comes from the Zulu tribe.  

The kids and I on Heritage day!

Zulu Traditional Clothing

Mopani Worms!  Yummy! Yummy!

One Saturday we attended a funeral for our Sister Shale.  She passed away two weeks ago and her funeral was held at our Chapel.  South African funerals are very interesting and different from what I have seen in America.  There is a lot of singing and different ceremonies preformed.  Also everyone comes to the funeral to show their respect.  We had over five hundred people in the Chapel and the parking lot and streets were packed.  It went very well and I know Sister Shale would be pleased with everything.  My favorite part is when all the cars get in a line, turn on their hazards and drive to the cemetery without stopping at the lights or stop signs.  I guess you can say it's for a good reason.  After the burial, we went back to Sebokeng and had lunch.  The people in charge fed all five hundred of us.  They spend a lot of money and time for the funeral to make sure everything goes well, and it did.

Church Parking lot

Meal after the Funeral

Teaching Marco with Elder Kalani

We visit a member that lives near this Tuck shop and we have gotten to know the owner very well.  He is a great guy and he even fed us this nice Kenyan dish last week.  He and Elder Kalani both speak Swahili, so they have a good time.

Tuck shop Meal.

Karobo's Birthday!

Well I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Elder Segil

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