Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, October 6, 2014

Life is Good!

It has been another great week here in Sebokeng.  It might be one of my last weeks here, so I am pretty sad about that.  Whatever happens, I know it will be for the best.  Transfers are on the 14th and I will find out on the night of the 11th whether I will stay or leave.  A lot of work got done in Sebokeng this week and I am happy with the results.  We did a fair amount of tracting and contacting and found this great family who let us into their home.  We had a great lesson with them and saw them again later on in the week.  I see good things to come for them.  We do a lot of walking and see lots of great sights.  Enjoy the pictures!

Walking in Sebokeng

 Rastafari!  KB, Elder Segil and Seun.  Don't you just love those dreads!

Karobo's Birthday cake!

We went to the Temple this past week, which is always a blessing.  We get to go every three to four months, so it's always nice when we have a Temple Trip.

Look at that!

The Temple.

He didn't know I was behind him!

The view!

There is a really nice lady that lives in Joburg that makes ties for the missionaries.  They each cost 100 Rand and are made out of tiny beads.  It is a great deal and I was so happy to get them when I went to the Temple.

Oh yeah, look at that tie!  BEAUTIFUL!

Home country-Mission country!

Another great and quick week.  Hope you all have a good one!

Cheers, Elder Segil

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