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Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, November 24, 2014

November, The Month of Surprises!

 Well it has been a crazy week this week between having a Birthday and finding out that I will be transferred to another area.  I was sad at first because I really love Protea Glen and the people here, but I know I am needed somewhere else.  I have an idea of where I will be going, but I am not sure, so I will let you know next week.  I am getting good at saying goodbyes, but it always seems to get harder as time goes on!

These are a few pictures of the people I have come to love and know in Protea Glen!

The best and most loving family!
 Schubert, Donna, me and Sister V

Zikalala Family

 Me, Monica, Evidence, Malabo and the Twins!  
Soon to be baptized!

Malahane family with Tumi!

Pretorious Family!

Have a fantastic week!

Elder Segil

Monday, November 17, 2014

14 Months Down!

Well 14 months down and 10 to go.  Time is going by so fast and before we all know it I will be back home!  It has been another great week here in Protea Glen and we are preparing 15 people for baptism
these next three to four months.  I am excited for the future.  Elder Carpenter and I get along great and have a lot of fun. 

Elder Carpenter and I

Earlier this week I came across a book called "Great Religions of the World".  I enjoyed looking at it and reading the history of all the religions from the time the world began.  The best part was when I opened the book to the first page and read the opening quote.  Once I had read it, I thought oh that's a nice quote, I wonder who wrote it.  I looked at the name and to my amazement, it was written by my great uncle Archibald MacLeish.  Awesome stuff!

Great Religions of the World!

My great Uncle!

 Well I hope you all have a great week!

Cheers, Elder Segil

Monday, November 10, 2014

Protea Glen, Soweto!

Well It has been another great week with lots of changes.  My new area of Protea Glen is really nice, but super big.  My new companion is Elder Carpenter.  We have known each other for most of our mission by serving close to each other.  He is from America and we get along great. We drive about 30 minutes everyday from our flat just to get to our area.  It's a nice drive, but gets tiring after a while.  The population of Protea Glen is about 75,000 and the houses/shacks flood the land.  Soweto stands for Southwest Township and happens to be the biggest township in the world.  We have a stake just on it's own in Soweto.  It's a nice place and I like it a lot.

We took a nice hike, by our flat while we were waiting for some of the other Elder's car to be repaired.  Our flat used to be a four man flat but is now just two, so it is huge.  Other Elders will probably move is soon, but for the time being, I will enjoy it while I can.

The Start!

Waterfall on the hike!

 The view from the balcony!

In Soweto there are these two towers, which stand side by side with artistic paintings on them  We went and checked them out
 Soweto Towers!

 Getting Closer

Bungee Jump anyone? 

That will be me soon!

Well Protea Glen and Soweto are awesome!  I am excited to do some work here and will have lots of fun while I'm at it.  Have a great week everyone and talk to you soon!

Elder Segil

Monday, November 3, 2014

An Unexpected Surprise!

Hey everybody, it has been another great week here in Sebokeng and sadly it will be my last.  I received a call Saturday night from the assistants to the President and was informed that I am needed in a different part of the mission. I will be transferred to my new area this Thursday!  My new area will be Protea Glen, Soweto.  I am really excited to go to Soweto because it is the largest township in the world and the people there are really great!  I will really miss Sebokeng and the people I have met over these past five months.  They will be in my heart forever.
Mphanya Family

Mxasa Family

Lesedi, Tumi and Momma

Ntema Family
Khunyel Family 
We had the baptism of Fezile Hope Tunzi yesterday, which went very well.  It's always nice to leave the area with a baptism.  He is such a good and smart kid.  He was baptized by our Branch president, President Makhaya. 

Well hope you all have a great week and I will let you know how Soweto is next week!
Cheers, Elder Segil