Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, March 30, 2015

Goodbye Rustenburg!

Wow what an awesome week it has been to complete my last week up here in Rustenburg.  I did Cross Fit all week and for the last day we chose the MURPH, a hero work out.  I did it all in order and no help.  IT WAS AWESEOME!

1 mile
100 Tricep Pull ups in a row (no bicep)
200 Push Ups in a row
300 Squats in a row
1 mile
Under an hour
Beat it!

Mone', Elder Perdersen, Marko, Michael Jr.and Yunky our trainers!

The Molefe Girls

The Bosch Family

The Kgaladi Family



Massinga Family


Maili and her cute son

Sister Kruger with her Puppies

The group

Future Missionary Sister Kim

Kesa Kesa Kesa

Ranku Family


Molefe Family

Fun Stuff

Mfana Family

Well transfers are on Tuesday and this is when I will move to my next if not my last area!  Exciting stuff eh!  Well I love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures!

Elder Segil

Monday, March 23, 2015

President Dunn visits the Northwest!

Well it has been such a quick week and best of all we had ourselves another baptism!  It was sweet, on Friday, President Dunn came up to do the interview for the baptism and he just loved Kesa.  We knew he would and are so grateful for him for setting aside the time to come up to the Northwest!  Her full name is Kesaobaka Mesime!

Me, Kesa and Elder Pedersen


We decided to get our newly baptized Candice in the picture.  These two are practically Sisters.  The first time they came to church, Kesa showed up first and went to sit in the chapel.  Ten minutes later Candice came and there were plenty of places to sit, but she decided to sit next to Kesa.  Both of them didn't know how to sing and how the church service worked, but they became best friends immediately.  Now they go to institute every week and are so close.  Awesome stuff!

I was in the Dentist's office this morning for Elder Pedersen and there was a Book of Mormon sitting there next to all the magazines.  Nobody grabbed it and nobody looked at it.  It shows me that most things in life will be in plain sight, but most of us will miss it.  God will prepare a way for us to hear Him, but we must first prepare ourselves.  He is there and always will be!

Well I love you all!

Cheers, Elder Segil

Monday, March 16, 2015


Sweet stuff.  That's all I can say about this week and life in general.  We had a great week and had another baptism.  Her name is Tsholofelo Candice Methi.  I started teaching her back in December and yesterday she was ready to make the covenant of baptism.

Elder Pedersen and I

Got to have one formal picture!

She was excited!

Yeah we like to have fun!

There's a pose!

Church on Sunday was pretty interesting.  We had an Afrikaner come to church with a huge swollen hand. There were two holes in the back of his hand and it looked to have been bitten by a snake.  We came to find out that he had been stabbed by a BBQ skewer and the best place he thought to come was to our church.  We helped him out and made sure he got medical attention.  It's a crazy world out there eh!

In other news, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be taking over YouTube on Easter Sunday the 5th of April!  All advertisements and what have you, will be directed to a video called Because He lives.  It is a sweet video that compares Jesus Christ to each of us and how we are like Him and will become even more like Him.  All the missions around to world will be doing a huge finding effort the week the video is up on YouTube to find people and bring them closer to Christ.  It is going to be sweet.  I have seen the video and it will be available for all to see very soon.  Go and watch it and tell others to watch it too!  

I love you all and hope you have a great week.!

Elder Segil

Monday, March 9, 2015

At last it has come!

Well it has been another great week here in Rustenburg.  To my surprise, as I was at Zone Meeting, I received a package from home.  I saw the date of shipment marked as October 1st 2014.  It is from the young men and women of the Livingston Ward.  I first just want to say thank you so very much.  This means so much to me and I am so grateful that your hard work did not go to waste and that the package was able to arrive.  Better late then never as they say.  This truly made my week.  Thank you so much and for trying to make me fat!

At last it has come!

Livingston, oh how I forgot what you looked like, until now!

In other news, we will have the baptisms of Kessa and Candice this Sunday, so that should be sweet.  I look forward to that and all the new and exciting things to come in this incredible country of South Africa.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Your Montana Boy, Elder Segil

Monday, March 2, 2015

Post Strike Has Ended!

Awesome stuff!   This week went by so fast and it was so sweet to finally receive a package from home.  Some of you may not know that the South African Postal Service has been on strike for almost eight months, I believe, and so many people have lost their letters and packages. It has finally ended and everything is getting back to normal.  YAY!!!

It could be bigger then me!

Thank you knife!


In other news, Boitsheop was confirmed this week and all is going well with her.  Lots of work is being done in Rustenburg and life is good.  Have a great week everybody!

Cheers, Elder Segil