Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, July 6, 2015

Tough Week!

This was one of those weeks where, we made lots of plans and appointments, but all seemed not to work.  It was a holiday week here in South Africa, so it is to be expected.  The really sweet part was, even though most of our appointments fell through, the Lord still allowed us to find those who are prepared for His gospel.  

On Saturday, all of our seven appointments cancelled and at this time it was about three or four in the afternoon.  We had the car that day, so we were deciding who we could go check up on.  We decided to pull the car over and think about what the Lord would have us do.  The sun was out and was making the car warm inside, so I looked for a shady place to park.  All the trees have lost their leaves, since it is winter and shady spots are scarce. We were prompted to go into this neighborhood and lo and behold there was a big fence, which created just enough shade to be under.  We said a prayer and decided to knock on three secluded houses next to us.  The first one we went to, a white lady came out and greeted us nicely.  We got to talking and she was very interested in what we had to say.  Her husband was at the door and she said he doesn't usually come out because he has a few facial deformities from a recent hijack.  I told her so do I, tell him to come out.  He came out and we had a sweet talk and it turns out they are new to the area and looking for a church.  They have just been married for about eight months and have had a rough time.  A few months ago, they were hijacked and the husband was pulled out of the car and shot up through the bottom of the jaw to the roof of the mouth with a hollow point.  He recounted the experience and said he saw himself being shot and a hand come through his head and stop the bullet from going to his brain.  The bullet stopped and fell back into his mouth after going through the roof of his mouth. It is quite a remarkable experience and goes to show that God does truly love his Children.  I can't wait to see this family again this week and teach them about the gospel.

We went to the Temple this week and it gets better and better every time.  It was very busy as a lot of people were up here from the eastern cape. I would also like to send out my prayers and love to the Packer family as they have just lost a true man of God.  I long for the day when I can meet President Packer.

Even though the week was tough, we were able to get things done and the work of the Lord continues.  I hope you all had a sweet 4th of July.  Have a great week!

Cheers, Elder Segil

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