Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, May 25, 2015

Working with the Members!

Well it has been another improving week here in Selcourt.  Elder Loveless and I are working super hard with the members to get things going here in Selcourt before we go home.  We have been able to get into many new members homes and get them excited about the work.  Most of the time we get fed, so that is always a plus.  All of them have such a sweet spirit about them and I just love getting to know them.  We were able to do a service project last week where we planted a garden for some members who were out of town and always wanted to do it themselves, but never had the means to do so.  It was so cool to see their reaction to the garden and it felt so nice to be apart of it.  I will try to put up pictures soon,  the internet is bad here and will take way to long.

Last Wednesday, President and Sister Dunn came to our area and contacted people with us for an hour or two.  It was so nice to work with them and to have them in our area.  They were able to make some sweet contacts, which we will see later on in the week.  Elder Loveless and I have limited our tracting efforts and have moved more towards working with the members.  We want the ward to be solid before any new people join the ward.  We were about to teach Relief Society yesterday which went super well.  If you get the women excited, you will get the whole ward excited.  The women are the leaders and drive of the ward!

Have a great week!

Elder Segil

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