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Monday, May 18, 2015

Selcourt, Benoni!

Well another Monday has come to pass. Once again, I am on computers that aren't very good so these posts will be less than normal from now on.  I will do my best for these last few months.  Well this was quite a crazy week and I have little time today, so I will do my best.  My new area is in Selcourt, Benoni, just 20 minutes away and in the same zone as my last area.  I was super sad when I found out especially since this new area is dead.  I found out they took me from Rynfield because they know I can help revive Selcourt and get it going again before I go home. My companion is Elder Loveless from Utah and we get along great.  We bike everyday and are getting into great shape.  The members are pretty sweet, but not very accustomed to missionary work.  This is going to be a tough, but rewarding last few months.  

So far we have one solid investigator that we have taught twice.  His name is Ande and he has come to church once.  The problem is, is that the chapel is outside our area by like 10 kilometers, so it is hard for people to get to church when they don't have a car.  We are trying our best to have the members give rides and to get them excited about missionary work.  It is an older ward with very few youth.  We helped out with Primary on Sunday and there were like five to ten kids.  We did make huge progress this week compared to what the previous weeks have been.  In fact this is my first week here and it has been the best week this area has had for a while.  Elder Loveless and I are going to continue to work hard and get this area going again before we go home, which for both of us is in August! 

Have a great week!

Elder Segil

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