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Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, February 16, 2015

Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin into the Future!

The title could not be more true.  These weeks in South Africa go by like no other.  As of right now, I only have six months left to serve the people of South Africa.  I am a little scared of how quickly my mission is coming to an end and hope to make the best of my last six months.

Everything is going so great here in Rustenburg.  We are teaching lots of great people and preparing them to take that first great step to show their true faith.  One thing I love most about these people here in Africa is their unwavering faith.  They know God lives and even better, they do what they need to do to know Him.  They don't sit around and do nothing and expect God to do all the work.  They seek Him out and then we, the missionaries, are set in their pathways to find them.  It is truly a sweet experience to be a part of this work.

As you know, last Friday was Friday the 13th and yeah we saw some interesting things.  One of which I will talk about was a car wreck.  We were driving down the road and heard this loud screeching sound coming from car tires skidding across the pavement.  We quickly looked to the left and BOOM!  A truck smashes into the back of a taxi and totals the front of the truck.  Luckily everyone was ok and yet not so lucky on this Friday the 13th.

This last Saturday was Valentine's Day and boy that was scary.  We did some contacting at the mall and there were thousands of women dressed in the most immodest clothing I have ever seen.  I haven't been home for a while and hope they don't dress like that there.  Too many crop tops and short shorts.  Lets just say, there were a lot of Law of Chastity pamphlets given out that day.  Our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such.

I heard a song by Bob Dylan last week and some of the words really stuck out to me.  They were, "Don't Criticize what you can't understand."   No matter what it may be or what someone does, you truly have no idea why they did that.  The best things we can do are help them get back on track, love them, and be their friend to the end.

Well LIFE IS AWESOME.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.  See you soon.

Elder Segil

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