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Johannesburg Temple
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Modjadji, Northeastern South Africa-My new home!!!

Wow what a crazy two days!  It feels like a week since I'm been on here!  Lots of stuff to talk about, so I will first start off with Monday night at Carnivore.  It was so much fun and the meat was amazing.  The three meats I had besides the normal pork and beef were Crocodile, Zebra and Kudu.  Crocodile was my favourite because it was very tender and had great flavour.  There was a lot of fat and bone to it, so not too much meat to every chunk.  Zebra was very tough, chewy and spicy.  It was pretty good, but really more cool just saying that I ate some Zebra.  The last was Kudu which was in the middle of Crocodile and Zebra.  Not to chewy or Tender, but still very good.   The waiters would go around with slabs of meat or huge skewers and keep giving it to you, until you have had enough and boy did I.  I think the cost of the meal was 200 Rand, not sure because the members treated us.  They are so awesome.  Well that was my Monday night.

Carnivore with Elder Dutson

Crocodile on a skewer



The Menu

The next day was Tuesday, transfer day.  I got all done packing in the morning and man have I accumulated a bunch of stuff.  I don't know how I will get in all home.  Oh well too far away to even think about.  Elder Dutson and I headed to the Mission Offices and met up with all the other missionaries in the mission.  After signing journals and talking for a bit, we got the news.  I am going up to the Northeast with my new companion Elder Rakotomalala, Rako for short.  He is from Madagascar and learned English here in South Africa over the 17 months he has been here.  Pretty cool stuff.

Elder Rakotomalala and I

The Northeast is about a six hour drive from central Johannesburg and we had to drive a manual bockie truck all the way there and guess who had to do it.  Me, the one person who doesn't know how to drive a manual but the only one with a license.  It was actually a lot of fun, but man my legs were sore afterwards.  We made it safely and those were my last two days.

Have a great week everybody!

Cheers, Elder Segil

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