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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Real African Braai!

These weeks just fly by, don't they!?   Especially when you are having fun.  Elder Rakotomalala and I serve in two different areas, so we have lots of work to do.  Our main area in Modjadji, which is a huge area.  We are the farthest area away possible for this mission, so that is pretty sweet.  Another area we serve in is called Matupa, which is a village up in the mountains.  The branch consists of about thirty people that meet in this really small 20 by 10 foot building.  It is really awesome being here.  You know those pictures in magazines you always see with little African kids and then there are white people there helping.  It feels so weird, but awesome to be that white person.

We had a Braai with the Matupa branch, which was lots of fun.  They brought nine live chickens, which we all killed, prepared and ate.  I don't think I have ever had chicken as fresh as this!

One down!

Nothing beats the smell of fresh chicken!

Gotta have Pap!

We made cookies for the Braai

Our living quarters are alright I guess.  I just came from a super nice flat in Bedfordview, so nothing will every be as good as that.  It is pretty much like living in the jungle here.  I look out my window and its like I'm looking outside my tent when I was camping in Montana.  Good stuff.

 My sweet Bockie.  She is in the shop now getting fix.  The last missionary wrecked her as you can see on the lower right hand corner.


Well that was my week.  Hope you all have a great one.  Happy early Valentines Day!

Cheers, Elder Segil

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