Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fruits of Our Labors

Well it has been another great week here in Rustenburg.  It is so
beautiful and green.  The people are so nice and I am really enjoying
my misson.  The only downside is the heat.  It seems to be 80 degrees no
matter what time of day it is.  My blood is turning cold again and
when the time comes to return home, I will have to fill my closet with
winter clothing!

So last week I wanted to post this picture, but the current computers
we are using are so bad that it takes an hour to write one e-mail and
I only get 90 minutes a week.  

This was on Thankgiving night.  We went
to Burger King and to the store to get as much American food as we
could find.  All four of us together spent a total of sixty dollars.
Not bad considering all the food you see before you, not to mention it
is from America.  I look forward to being back home next year and
having a turkey for Thanksgiving!

Elders Mead, Rizk, Segil and Kafusi on top!

The story I wanted to tell last week was something that has happened
to me before, but this time definitely tops them all.  The day before
we went tracting and met these five women that were preparing for a party the
next day.  One of their children was being confirmed into their church
and they were having a huge celebration.  They invited us back the
next day for food.  We came back the next day and they treated us like
kings.  We sat at a table and they dished up a lot of food for us.
While eating they would check up on us and bring us more cold drinks.  During this time there is a huge party going on all around us.  The music is
blaring and people are everywhere and somehow they manage to focus on
us.  The host introduced us to all her friends and said great things
about us after we had just met her.  She then told us that she will
soon turn off the music and she wants us to share our message to
everyone.  Talk about a short notice.  This reminds me of the story of
Alma and Amulek in the Book of Mormon when preaching to the Zoramites.
First I got up to preach about our message and then I sat down and
Elder Mead got up to testify of our message.  It was a sweet
experience and I know the Lord prepared a way for us to share His
message with those hundred or so people.  Good things will come of it.

More Baptisms, the fruits of our labors!

In other news we had some Baptisms this week as you can see. They went
really well and it is always a very spiritual experience helping
people take that first step to follow our Lord and Savoir Jesus
Christ.  This Church of Jesus Christ is true and I know this without a
single doubt in my heart.  I love the work I am doing and know it is
the greatest work on this earth.  I love you all and may you have a
wonderful week and month this holiday season.  May the spirit of our
God be with you in abundance.

Elder Segil

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