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Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Plan of Happiness!

Today I feel impressed to talk about one of the most beautiful things this life has to share.  It is called the Plan or Salvation (Happiness).  It answers three questions of the soul that most, if not all, people wonder at some point of their lives. 

Question one:  Where did we come from, before we were born?

The scriptures teach that man was once with God and each was chosen to come to earth to learn and grow in a family setting.  What are we learning you might ask?  We are learning to follow God without being in His presence.  If you think about it, it is really easy to do what someone says, when your right there with them, but not so easy when your far away.  This is the Plan of our Father in Heaven.  He knew that the only way for us to grow is to be tested and tried in everything that we do.  This leads to the second question.

Question two:  Why are we here?

We are here to do what God knows will make us the happiest and that is following His commandments.  Commandments or Laws make us free and protect us.  God teaches us so many commandments such as not to kill, honour thy mother and thy father, don't lie and to get married.  All of these commandments, if followed, will make us happier and more prepared for the life to come.

Question three:  Where are we going.

There is a place prepared for each one of us.  If we work hard and serve one another, we will receive more and greater happiness.  We will return back to God's presence and one of two things will happen.  We will either be happy to see Him because we have done all He has asked or we will be sad because we did not what He asked.  God loves each one of us so very much and wants to reward us, but we need to do what he asks, so He can reward us.

My Grandfather, John Bragg, today has passed to the next life.  My heart is filled with sadness, but with so much Joy because I know he is in a better place.  I know that the end of this life is a new beginning and what we do in this life will determine everything in the next.  I know these things because I have asked so many times.  I have studied, I have prayed, I have cried to know what is right.  I have found the answer.  All truth comes from God and only through Him can truth be found.  I love you Grandpa and I will see you soon.

Elder Segil

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