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Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rugby and Riot!

Wow, so much happened this week and man I just love my mission!  We were able to do the "Week of Witnessing" and go around telling people about this awesome video about how Christ Lives.  And because he lives, so will all of us and so much more that you could ever imagine.

  #BecauseHeLives outside Spar!

I also had the opportunity to go to a pro Rugby game.  It was The South African Blue Bulls against the Australian Reds.  Elder Raymond is from Australia and this is his home team, so this made this game so much more fun.  It was a lot of fun and I totally forgot what it was like to be in an environment like that. Brother Solomon took us to the game and he is also our Ward Mission Leader.

Pregame Braai!

These guys are so big!

Brother Solomon, Elder Cazier and I

 The Stadium inside...

....and out!

The Bulls Cheerleaders!  ;)

Toss in from out of bounds

 The Holmes Family have us over for dinner quite often and I love playing with their dogs!
Me and the Holmes's Dogs!

I can't remember what this riot was for because they happen all the time.  I think the power might have been out or something like that.  We almost didn't make it out of the township because they blocked off the roads.  This is the other Elders area, we were here doing some finding and helping them.
The Etwatwa RIOT!

While we were driving through the township about 10 kilometers an hour, a kid ran into, not in front of, but into our car.  I was in the back and all of the sudden heard a loud smack and saw a kid laying on the ground.  He got up and ran to his mother with lots of scrapes and bruises.  I tried to talk to them, but they just went into their house.  The Church offered to pay for the kid's medical bills in a nice private hospital, but the parent"s declined. They decided to go to the Police and report a hit and run and demanded money.  The Church sent their Lawyers and got it all straighten out.  The Church is so powerful in so many ways!  Well that about does it for this week.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Cheers, Elder Segil

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