Johannesburg Temple

Johannesburg Temple
Johannesburg Temple

Monday, May 19, 2014

Agt Maande

Good Monday everybody, how are you doing?  This has been another great week in the Limpopo.  It's amazing, I feel like I was just here yesterday posting about the Zip Lining.  Things are going great!

We have been tracting a lot more, because we are changing our planning for the area.  Like I've said in the past, there are a lot of less active members and we have been seeing them lately.  Now we are running out of investigators, because we have either baptized them or they are no longer progressing.  Tracting is interesting here.  We really never know how the people are going to respond.  Some say, "Go away, I don't like you."  Others say, "come on in and teach me the word of God,  you just never know when God will be knocking on your door."  It is definitely a humbling area.  I get stressed at times, but find help through prayer and reading the scriptures.  I love my job so much and love every second of it.

Saturday was a crazy day.  We set up a booth out of the back of the Bokkie and gave out Pamphlets and talked with people.  This was an ANC Rally.  ANC is like the RNC or DNC Parties.  There were lots of people.  During the rally, a huge rush of people ran at the Bokkie and surrounded it.  They took all the pamphlets and Books of Mormon that we had.  We had 45 Books of Mormon, over 30 Pamphlets, and 100 Pass along cards.  It was super crazy.  Luckily, we made it out of there with out a scratch and hopefully they read the stuff they got.  It was funny there were about 30 people around the back of the Bokkie and this big lady came in and pushed everyone aside.  She got three books of Mormon and ran away.  The best part is, I got it on video.  I wish I could put it on here, but no worries you get the idea.  I'd say it was definitely a successful day in passing out material, wouldn't you?

Other then that, things are going great.  I am loving being a missionary and can't believe I have been out over eight months now.  I remember looking forward to this day thinking, wow when that happens, I will be so far.  As the day approached it was no big deal.  Now I am looking forward to the one year mark.

Have a great week everybody.

Elder Segil

P.S. Don't Judge me on my writing and spelling, always in a hurry. ha

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